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Nonprofit CEO’s salary, profiting $104,166 a week

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Here at Societal Activities our goal is to help people as efficiently as possible, we feel that too many nonprofits have salaries that are not coherent with the nonprofit sector. We feel if you want to make large amounts of monetary gains you should not be in the nonprofit sector. Everyone should be aptly compensated for their work, everyone should make enough to provide for themselves and their families but these CEO's below are personally profiting $21,000.00 - $104,166.00 a week under the guise of helping others. This seems, well, rather for profit and counter intuitive to a nonprofit cause.

Name and Title:



Charity Total Revenue:

Viviane Tabar, M.D.

Chairman Attending Neurosurgery



Robert W. Stone




Arthur C. Brooks

Past President



Craig Ono, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon



Michael Salem, M.D.




Nancy Brown




Laurie H. Glimcher, M.D.




James R. Downing




Jack Mahler, M.D.

Chief Investment Officer



Wayne R. LaPierre

Executive VP



Cristian Samper




Harry Johns




Jonathan W. Simons, M.D.




Leana Wen

Past President/CEO



Brian Gallagher

Past President/CEO



Brian McPeek

Past Chief Conservation Officer



Marc H. Morial




Carter Roberts




John Allen




Kelli Jo Shidler, M.D.




David Miliband




William Donohue




David Harris




Kevin M. Rudd

President, Asia Society Policy Institute



Our goal is to go against this outrageous norm that has gone unchecked in the nonprofit sector. Our projects will be as efficient as possible. We will run lean. We will do our best to keep admin fees as low as possible. After each project we will post an in depth review of the projects cost benefit analysis. For peace of mind, and in order to hold ourselves accountable, we will have an open book accounting policy, by publicly posting a break down of our accounts. We hope to set an example in the nonprofit sector and have other nonprofits follow suit by having open book accounting policies. Check out our Instagram to stay more up to date, instagram: societalactivitities

Based off data reported by Charity Watch

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