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Our Financials:


Everything has been self funded and our team is entirely volunteer.


100% of your donation goes to the projects.

    As of 01FEB23 Donations/Profits will be split between The Fentanyl Project and our OutReach projects.

Limited Collections:

    We fund administrative cost by taking 30% of the profits from our limited collections. Administrative cost are all the cost that a business incurs (things like the website, hosting cost, creating the collections, bubble mailers, label printer, gasoline, printer ink, etc...)


    We will grow our YouTube channel and hopefully fund a lot of our projects from AdSense and Brand Deals.  These profits will be split between our projects, admin cost, and paying staff.

We are working to create a system that allows us to be as transparent as possible about our financials. More transparent than any nonprofit/NGO that has come before.

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