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Kai Tutor:

In 2016, I graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, FL. This is where the idea for the nonprofit first took shape. Later, I started my college journey at the University of Colorado Denver, but I took a break from my studies and started honing my skills as a full-stack web developer.

My proficiency as a web developer led to a series of fruitful collaborations with numerous small businesses, solidifying my reputation as a reliable and capable professional. I harnessed the digital marketplace, to craft a livelihood and develop a profound understanding of the virtual landscape.

I made a resolute commitment to the field of web development, marking a dynamic chapter in my professional journey. However, the global pandemic, COVID-19, propelled me to revisit a long-held aspiration from my youth — a dream of serving in the esteemed ranks of Navy Special Operations.


This dream materialized into reality as I embarked on the arduous path of the Navy Special Operations pipeline, embracing a rigorous and unwavering commitment. After dedicating nearly two and a half years to the Navy Special Operations endeavor, I experienced an honorable separation, which marked a pivotal juncture in my life.


In this moment of transition, I assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Societal Activities, a vocation that I now wholeheartedly pursue on a full-time basis. The mission of Societal Activities is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to optimizing our impact with efficiency and unwavering transparency.


Our aspiration is to inspire, arouse, and assist a multitude of individuals on their unique journeys. We ardently endeavor to lead lives of profound purpose and fulfillment, aspiring to serve as a beacon of inspiration for others on their paths to self-fulfillment.

Life is short and once you die, it's over. 

You will never exist again. 

We get about 60 to 80 years of life, and then you're dead forever. 

Make a difference, help, create, love, and forgive.

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