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Dublin riot: 'Huge destruction' after school stabbing leads to 34 arrests

Irish police have arrested 34 people after rioting by a "hooligan faction" caused chaos in Dublin last night.

Violence flared after three children and a school care assistant were injured in a knife attack in the city centre several hours earlier.

Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar said about 500 people were involved in the riot.

He said they "brought shame" on Ireland and he promised new laws within weeks to bring those involved to justice.

Two of the five people injured in the stabbings outside a primary school on Parnell Square are critically ill.

They include a five-year-old girl and a school care assistant who "used her body as a shield" in an attempt to protect children from the attacker.

After the stabbings, rumours spread on the WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal messaging apps and far-right agitators decided they would protest at the crime scene.

But that escalated into violence and the rioters, including children and young adults, soon took over a large area of Dublin city centre.

For months there has been real concern that something like this could happen.

The far right in the Republic of Ireland has grown and become incredibly emboldened, recently holding a protest outside the Irish parliament.

But the violence on Thursday night was on a level not seen in Dublin in decades and has left the people of the city reeling.


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