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Our Idea:

"We are not individuals. We are the species humanity. Living on planet Earth. Surrounded by an infinite universe. We must come together as a species and actively, effectively preserve and take care of our planet, our species, and the other life forms that we are surrounded by."

Our Mission:


   The main problem we are trying to solve is the problem of selfishness, individualism, and egotism. These are not inherently bad and in many ways, they are needed traits that drive us all, but at scale, these traits are the root of many of our problems today.

  We are not taught to think about humanity as a whole, we are taught to think about ourselves as individuals and our rank/place in society which in the U.S and many of the world is determined by wealth. This sort of thinking, over the last 100+ years, has been amplifying at an outstanding rate, causing us to look inwardly at the world and to think only about the box of life we create around ourselves.

  It causes us to ignore and forget truths about the world and the universe. Truths like, to our knowledge we are surrounded by an infinite universe, and we are the only intelligent life form in this infinite universe, we can only live in a particular temperature zone and the planet we live on is very rare. We live on the outside of a convertible spaceship surrounded by infinity, all alone, and yet because of ego, because of the individualistic way we think, we are constantly at war, constantly destroying the planet, for profit.

  We do this so that we can show our peers our rank in this world so that we can say “hey, look at all my stuff” and we do that at the expense of our planet, our home, and at the expense of our species. This lack of respect we have for the fragility and rarity of life is catching up with us, at an outstanding rate.

  Our mission is to spread these types of thoughts and ideas by helping others and creating/strengthening communities around the world. We will reawaken this type of thinking in you and we believe if you think about these ideas regularly, you will be more kind, helpful, and appreciative of the beauty and rarity of life.

  Which in turn will make a small positive impact on the lives around you, and those you positively impact and discuss these ideas with will then share them, and have a more positive outlook on life, and hopefully this will create a domino effect of positivity and our idea will take on a life of its own. Changing the world one thought, one smile, and one person at a time.
We hope you join us and stay with us on this journey we call life.

  - With Love, Societal Activities

How We Operate:

We operate differently than other nonprofits that you see today.

We will maximize the number of people we can positively effect by running as lean and as efficiently as possible. We have little to no overhead, our overhead is the website. Our teams will work from home, there is no need to waste money on office space.

We will have an open book accounting policy, so the public can precisely see how the money is spent. After each project, we will post an in-depth review of our accounts and a cost-benefit analysis, which will show how efficient we are and where the money goes. We are very excited about this because we will be one of the only nonprofits being as transparent as possible about spending.

Projects will have multiple parts, a fundraiser event, limited merch, the project itself, and a documentary that captures the project. These documentaries will be very professional and optimized for YouTube so that donors and beneficiaries can fully appreciate the impact their dollar is making on another person's life.

Funding is the most important part of any nonprofit. The most important type of fundraising for us will be you, the individual, and helping you make an impact and seeing that impact. Each project will have high-quality limited merch, which will be a huge way for us to fund the project. Each project will also have a documentary, which will be posted on YouTube, and we hope to receive funding from the ad revenue made from YouTube.

Advertising. We hope to collaborate with significant individuals, who truly believe in our mission and projects. These individuals will hopefully bring their audience to us, helping us share our ideas and grow as a nonprofit.




Kai Tutor

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