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Air Strike Into A West Bank Refugee Camp

A large explosion was reported on 17NOV2023 in West Banks Balata refugee camp. The cause of the blast is currently unconfirmed but initial reports suggest it was due to an Israeli airstrike.

In a statement, the military said it struck "a number of terrorists (in Balata) ... and prevented terror attacks against Israeli civilians". The strike was carried out by one of its aircraft, it added, without specifying the type.

An armed wing of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party claimed the five dead as its fighters.

At least 186 West Bank Palestinians, including 51 children, have been killed by Israeli forces since the 7 Oct Hamas attack that triggered the Gaza war, according to UN figures. Another eight have been killed by Israeli settlers, while four Israelis have been killed by Palestinians, according to the figures.


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