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According to the CDC, Fentanyl is now the number one cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 45. Surpassing suicide, Covid-19, and car accident-related deaths.


Fentanyl testing strips can quickly and reliably detect the presence of fentanyl and most of its known analogs in a drug sample.


Fentanyl and its analogs are highly potent synthetic opioids contaminating many drug supplies, including counterfeit pharmaceutical pills, cocaine and other drugs. Since 2013 they have killed hundreds of thousands of people in North America alone.


Here is a video on how to use them


Disclaimer: We do not condone drug use. These strips are not FDA approved. You must be 18 years or older to purchase. These are BTNX FTS, learn more about them here

Tira de prueba de fentanilo - Paquete de 5

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